Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Portable Magnetic Based Drilling Machine - WA 5000

ATRA-ACE WA5000 can drill upto 50mm diameter in a 75mm thick plate.


Slow Start MechanismThe feed speed is reduced for the first few seconds after boring begins to ensure a smooth cut through the mill scale.

Auto-feedAutomatic control & feed are activated by simply pushing the rod handle to engage the gears.

Load SensorThe dual sensing system responds to both drilling and feeding forces on the cutter for the optimum cutting condition.

Variable SpeedThe feed speed is continuously monitored and updated proportionally to the load on the cutter.

Cycle StopAfter the cut has finished, a detector responds to the reduction in load and both the drill and the feed motor automatically stop.

Overload StopWhen an excessive load is applied to the cutter, both the drill and the feed motor will stop automatically to prevent the cutter from breaking.

Power Source (Single Phase)
110-120 V AC, 50/60Hz
220-240 V AC,50/60 Hz
Electric Drill
Rated Power Consumption W
Rated Current A
No Load Speed min-1 (rpm)
Magnet Power Consumption W
Hole-Cutting Capacity Cutter
Hole Diameter
Plate Thickness
One Touch Type JETBROACH 35L
17.5 to 40 mm
9 to 35mm
One Touch Type JETBROACH 50L
17.5 to 50mm
9 to 50mm
One Touch Type JETBROACH 75L
17.5 to 50mm
9 to 75mm
One Touch Type JETBROACH 25L
14 to 50mm
9 to 25mm
One Touch Type JETBROACH 50L
14 to 50mm
9 to 50mm
Magnet Holding N (Kgf)
9,800 (1,000)
Magnet Dimensions mm
101 x 201
Mass (Weight) kg

Standard Accessories

  • Pilot Pin 08050 A3: 1 pc.
  • Chain Ass'y: 1 set
  • Side Handle Ass'y: 1 set
  • 3 mm/4mm Hex Socket Screw Key: Each 1 pc.
  • 8 x 10 mm Spanner: 1pc.
  • Cutting Oil 0.5 l: 1 can
  • Plastic Case: 1 pc.
  • Guard Ass'y: 1set

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