Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Portable Manual Feed Drill Machine WOJ-3200


HOLE DIAMETER: 17.5-32mm

The World's first manual feed with 'Smart-Stop/Rapid-Restart' Technology

Fail-Safe Restart

Designed to use Jetbroach Carbide Tipped Annular Cutters

Reversible Feed HandlesFeed handles can be positioned on the right or left hand side for ease of drilling and mounting in confined spaces.

Body height AdjustmentLoosening allows the complete frame to be lifted up to a maximum of 60mm for specific drilling. The use of Hi-Broach cutters require the frame to be at the lowest position, while twist bit drilling required the appropriate amount of elevation to be adjusted for safe operation. The pillar clamp is required to be tightened before safe drilling may take place.

Note: Always engage the magnet before adjusting the body height.

Optional Chip BreakerOptional chip breaker helps prevent the cutter from plugging the hole with chip debris, causing some false overloads and cutter life loss.

Optional One Touch AdapterOptional one-touch adapter allows the use of up to 13 mm twist drills to be used in the original arbor.

Optional Jet oiling SysteOptional jet oiling for use with all drilling applications and types of cutters to extend cutter life and increase hole output.

Power Source (Single Phase)
220-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Electric Drill
Rated Power Consumption W
Rated Current A
No Load Speed min-1 (rpm)
Magnet Power Consumption W
Hole-Cutting Capacity Cutter
Plate Thickness
One Touch Type JETBROACH
17.5 to 32
9 to 50mm
Magnet Holding N (Kgf)
9,000 (918)
Magnet Dimensions mm
99 x 177
Mass (Weight) kg

Standard Accessories
  • Guard Ass'y: 1 set
  • Pilot Pin 08050: 1pc.
  • 3 mm Hex Socket Screw Key: 1 pc.
  • 6 mm Hex Socket Screw Key: 1 pc.
  • 8 x 10 mm Spanner: 1 pc.
  • Safety Strap: 1 pc.
  • Sub handle: 1 pc.

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